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I'm not exaggerating when say that furniture transformed my life. It's true. It has everything to have to do with geometrical shapes. In this instance, it's an oval dining table. A few years ago I was ecstatic to move into my first apartment situated in New York. It was, admittedly, just a tiny walk-up on the fifth floor, however, it was still my house and I had the most adorable rectangular drop-leaf dining table. It was nestled into the kitchen's tiny space which was perfect for me, and a visitor or two. I was awestruck! However, I also met my husband and we moved to the more lush landscapes of Brooklyn to have more room. My small table accompanied us there however suddenly, it was sloppy and not right. Then, I realized that there was more room and the room seemed to be calling for a circular form. I decided to go round and never stopped.

Not only was it helpful to flow in an apartment that was floor-to-ceiling when our family expanded as well the round table proved still as great as it was. There's something special about the intimateness of a table that is round It's not just one person and the space between you and everyone is basically the same. There's no head at the table, and there's no fuss regarding seating plans. And , I'm sure it improves the quality of conversations at dinner.

However, they're incredibly multi-functional also. It's never lonely when only two people gather for dinner. It's also extremely helpful for feeding toddlers and infants. You can also make room for extras (as I did at one Thanksgiving dinner). It's an ideal place for work that allows you to disperse (especially important during situations like world pandemics). When you're looking for a fancy you can make it look more elegant by putting a tablecloth on it and adding an impressive flower arrangement to the middle. They're durable and at home in the breakfast area, but they also have enough power to make a statement in a dining area.

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