10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tasks

March is here! It's time to start preparing for spring cleaning! The weather continues to keep us on our toes; so, while we wait for flowers to bloom and warm breezes to roll in, here are ten easy spring cleaning tasks you can do right now!

1. Empty your purse and/or computer bag

You know this is long overdue. Those loose gum wrappers and receipts need to go! Take ten minutes to take everything out and get rid of the trash you've been toting for weeks (*cough) months.

2. Pull expired food from the fridge So necessary and so easy.

3. Set aside the fall/winter clothes you didn't wear Winter is almost over. If you didn't wear those pants and sweaters at all, there's a reason! Take them all out and bag them up. Then, donate them or have a spring garage sale to make a little extra dough.

4. Clorox your toilets You're going to need toilet cleaner, a toilet scrubber, and some gloves. You'll be so thankful you gave your throne a freshening up! Remove stains, gunk, and leave a fresh clean scent behind!

5. Replace your baking soda box Time to replace the baking soda box in your refrigerator. Don't have one? No worries! They're super inexpensive and help eliminate unwanted odors.

6. Clean the microwave Possibly the least fun chore, let's be honest. However, this is a MUST. Good news, there's a hack to make it way easier.

7. Vacuum the blinds/Curtains

Your curtains and blinds collect dust from dirt and dead skin cells all year long. Vacuum away!

8. Wipe down the window sills Soon, you'll be opening your windows to let that fresh, spring air inside. Keep the wind from blowing the dirt and dust from your window sills inside by giving them a quick wipe down.

9. Toss/donate old bath & beauty products I dare you to look under your vanity cabinet and face the collection of body sprays and lotions you haven't touched in years. It's time to de-clutter, friend!

10. Organize the food in your pantry This doesn't have to be a picture-perfect sight. Simply go through and use what you have in order to get things under control. Put like things together (cans with cans), toss expired chips and cereals, and find your own cool way to get everything organized.

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