How to WIN on Tote Bag Day

Whether you’ve been a faithful Cargo Largo shopper for years or just found out about us through a friend or social media, you’ve probably heard about TOTE BAG DAY. If you’ve had the opportunity to attend a Tote Bag Day, then you know it’s one of our most popular promotions. Since it’s a fan favorite, I’ve decided to shed some light on how to improve your Tote Bag Day experience. I’ve taken some advice and feedback from our most experienced shoppers and longest tenured Cargo Largo team members to gather helpful tips and tricks on how to WIN on Tote Bag Day. Leave some space in your Cargo Largo tote bag for a winner’s trophy, because after applying this information, YOU will be the real Tote Bag MVP!

Everything that fits inside of your Cargo Largo Tote Bag is 25% off on Tote Bag Day!

Arrive Early

This might seem like an elementary tip, but it truly could make all the difference. The store opens at 9:30am every day and there are always people waiting outside the doors. Some of those early risers might be looking to purchase the same items you are! What does that mean for you? Arriving late could be the difference between scoring an incredible deal and missing out. Moral of the story? Try to be at the store around opening time, or even a few minutes early, so that you have PLENTY of time to scope everything out and find the deals you’re looking for.

Take Your Time

If you’ve ever shopped at Cargo Largo before, you know it’s not a run in-and-out kind of place. It’s an EXPERIENCE. There’s literally 70,000 sq.ft. of merchandise to search through! So, don’t come with the intention of only spending a few minutes in the store, because you’ll NEED to take your time walking through the aisles and checking everything out. Some of the best deals are found simply by slowly going through aisle by aisle and making sure to look at all the items. My advice? Grab breakfast beforehand, chug a coffee, then plan on spending an hour or more at your trusty ol’ Cargo Largo.

Plan Ahead

If you don’t already know how Tote Bag Day works, let me fill you in on one of the greatest sales in the Kansas City Metro. Everything, with just a few noted exclusions, you bring to the register that fits inside of your Cargo Largo tote bag is 25% off! Tote bags cannot be re-filled with items in your cart once the discount has been applied to previously filled bags. Because of this, and because most of our loyal customers find a lot of amazing deals on Tote Bag Day, you should definitely buy more than just one tote! Don’t have one? No problem! You can purchase one (or two or twelve) at the Customer Service counter. My suggestion would be to purchase your bag(s) at Customer Service BEFORE the day of the Tote Sale. Why? So you don’t waste valuable shopping time during the event! Do yourself a favor and plan ahead.

To wrap up, I would like to thank you for reading this blog post and being a Cargo Largo fan! We appreciate our customers and constantly strive to make your shopping experience better! If you would like to stay updated on upcoming sales and promotions, like Tote Bag Day, subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media (links below)!

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