My Experience: Holiday Shopping at Cargo Largo!

I was born and raised a bargain hunter. My maternal grandmother is an encyclopedia of good deals and it is practically in my DNA to constantly be on the hunt for the lowest price possible. The thrill of the bargain chase will cause me to drive 15 miles out of my way to save an extra $2 (and probably spend an extra $2 in gas…). Located in Independence, Missouri, is the absolute mecca of good deals - Cargo Largo. A massive store filled to the brim with new, name-brand, low price items, Cargo Largo is a bargain hunter's dream. In addition to already insanely low prices, they have an additional discount calendar that is updated weekly. My favorite bargain day is always "Tote Bag Day", where everything you can fit in your tote bag is an additional 25% off. Tote Bag day has practically been declared a holiday in my family. Every other Sunday, we lace up our shopping shoes and carpool to our little slice of paradise in Independence. This past Sunday, I had to ditch my shopping crew and get my Christmas shopping all wrapped up in time for the holidays. If you're a last minute shopper like me, check out my gift ideas for everyone on your list!

For the tech junkie

One of my absolute favorite areas of Cargo Largo is the technology booth in the back of the store. On a typical day, you'll find Fitbits, Bluetooth speakers, TVs, laptops, tablets, and more. I picked up a Google Chrome, Google Home, and a Fitbit Blaze and spent under $200. Hopefully at least some of these make it under the tree! I already have my sights set on that Fitbit…

For the new homeowner

My absolute favorite things to give new homeowners are coffee table books and cookbooks. I picked up a stack of gorgeous cookbooks to gift to a friend who is settling into her new home for Christmas. Here's hoping that she invites me over for dinner as a thank you!

For the fashionista

The clothing and accessory section of Cargo Largo has more name brands than you could ever expect. In the past, I have bought Sam Edelman shoes, a Rebecca Minkoff purse, a Kate Spade watch, and much more than I care to admit! This past weekend, I picked up a pair of classic Ray-Bans, an Ann Taylor Loft wrap sweater, and a darling clutch I had been eyeing for weeks all for under $100.

For a "filler" or stocking stuffer

My grandmother always includes what she calls "fillers" in our Christmas presents, and I have caught myself using the same terminology as I have gotten older! These fun socks are the perfect fillers for anyone on your list and make a cute addition to the top of an already wrapped present.

I hope this gift guide helps you finish up your holiday shopping or inspires you to treat yourself to some of the best deals in Kansas City!

Kate McLiney is the creator of loKCal, a local guide to Kansas City. Read more of her posts and get in the know about all the best restaurants, shops, and organizations in the Kansas City area at!

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