What is the Cargo Largo Bid Sale?

What is the Cargo Largo Bid Sale?

The region’s largest bid sale might just be Kansas City’s best kept secret. What makes this weekly event so great? Imagine a 300,000 sq. ft. warehouse with up to 1,400 lots up for bid. These lots contain TONS of unique items and just about anything you could think of from bicycles to large quantities of food and neon signs to furniture and musical instruments, with value all across the board. In addition we have commercial and industrial supplies and parts, as well as building supplies. You could go home with high value items, but only pay a fraction of the retail cost!

Why do we call it a “Bid Sale” and not a “Silent Auction”? The Cargo Largo Bid Sale isn’t exactly a “Silent Auction”, since bids are confidential and no one knows what anyone else has bid.

Our most frequently asked question: “Where do you get your products?” We receive thousands of un-deliverable and overstock freight items from various suppliers. Once we’ve sorted the items, they are put on the Bid Sale floor as “Lots”, either grouped together or placed individually. Every Thursday from 3:00pm-8:00pm, our warehouse is open to anyone 18 years or older. It’s free to the public. Each week, photos are posted on the Cargo Largo Bid Sale Facebook page and our website, so you can see a preview of some of the items that will be up for bid.

How to bid.

Is it your first time at the bid sale? You will register and be given an individual Bidder Number. You can start using it immediately, and it will be your permanent number for the future. You will also be given a bid sheet. After you’ve toured the Bid Sale floor and have listed everything you want to bid on, including the amount you want to bid, bring your bid sheet to one of our keying staff members. Winning Bids are posted early every Friday morning on our website. Your individual bid results are available on our call–in line (816-350-6200) and you're emailed directly.

Now, let’s talk about load out.

You’ve checked our website, called in; or, received an email and found out that you’ve won a bid lot! Congratulations! Now what? Items must be picked up the day after the Bid Sale (Friday). When you arrive, draw a number, and join the General Queue. Customers may apply for a preferred time, and we’ll try to get you as close as possible to that time. Currently, most customers are requesting times before 2:00pm; so, requesting a time after 2:00pm may get you close to your optimal time.

Still have questions?

Check out our Bid Sale FAQ to learn more about the Cargo Largo Bid Sale. There you'll find answers to questions about parking, tax exemptions, and more. You can also sign up for the Bid Sale email list to receive monthly information and reminders about upcoming Bid Sales! Lastly, follow us on Facebook for bid lot previews!

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