5 Gift Ideas From Cargo Largo

If you've had the pleasure of reading last year's holiday blog post, you're in for a special round two! Our friend, Kate McLiney (of lokcal.org), is a talented Kansas City blogger and influencer that just so happens to be one of Cargo Largo's biggest fans. Last December, she partnered with us and guest-wrote a blog post about her holiday shopping experience on Tote Bag Day. You can read it here! We decided to give it another go this year, with Kate highlighting "5 Gift Ideas From Cargo Largo".

Kate walks you through different departments of the store, giving you gift ideas and inspiration for all the different people on your list. From sneaker enthusiasts to jewelry lovers, Cargo Largo's got you covered.

Working with Kate was, as always, a treat. You can read her blog post, "5 Gift Ideas From Cargo Largo" here, along with the rest of her posts, where you'll learn all about cool, new things to do and try in Kansas City.

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