2019 Holiday Gift Guide - Babies

Your sister just had a baby, and you want to spoil your sweet, new niece or nephew this holiday. The question you keep asking yourself, "What does a baby even want?" Well, it's simple. Babies want what the rest of us want... to be entertained, to be comfortable, and to be full. Here is our 2019 holiday gift guide for babies.

Snacks What does every busy parent need on the go? SNACKS. Hungry babies aren't afraid to tell you about it. Why not ensure mom or dad have their bag packed with backup sustenance for the hungry little angel?

Bath Wash

Babies don't want to stink or itch anymore than adults do. An organic body and hair wash with a sweet aroma is a very thoughtful gift.

Bath Toy Along with that bath wash, how about throwing in a fun toy?!

Mirror A baby mirror will provide great entertainment!

Mix 'n Match Toy Mix 'n match toys help develop babies' brains! Plus, it's a huge bonus if it makes sounds and has larger pieces.

Stroller/Car Seat Wrap It's going to be a cold winter this year. Let's make sure our babies are bundled up nice and warm, without the struggle of keeping blankets from falling off. This soft and warm wrap works for both the stroller and car seat!

Blanket I know what you're thinking, "How many blankets does she even need?". The answer is, "You can never have too many blankets!" Seems excessive, but in the winter especially, it'll be nice to have a blanket in every room. You're not just giving the gift of warmth. You're giving the gift of comfort and convenience, too!

Diapers No parent can have enough diapers. This is the most practical gift ever and they're always appreciated!

Wipe Warmer Babies might hate having their diapers changed less if the wipes weren't ice cold. A wipe warmer might be a great gift, that will keep on giving year round!

Night Light Fact: babies can be scared of the dark! A cute night light could help comfort the little cutie, and might even make it easier to fall asleep. Mom and dad will thank you.

Did you know that you can shop name brand baby items, like what we've pictured here, at Cargo Largo? PLUS, you can get it for way less than other retailers! From diapers to toys to clothing, get your little sweetie something great this year, and save big!

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