6 Ways to Wear Purple this Fall

ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It's basically September which means one thing. Fall is here. We can already smell the Bath & Body Works candles burning in the distance and PSLs are now available!

All this being the case, it's time to talk fall fashion. According to Marie Claire and Elle, PURPLE is going to be one of this season's fashion trends! Aside from other cute statements like cinched plaid and tiny handbags, purple might be our favorite. Let's take a look at six ways to wear purple this fall!

1. To the Gym

We have officially fallen in love with purple leggings. Also, can we talk about how athleisure might be one of the best things to happen for women? Comfortable, bodyshaping, and easy to find no matter what your budget is.

2. As a Coat

It's warm, it's gorgeous, and you won't blend in with the crowd. Seems like a perfect combo for cooler weather.

3. On your Feet

Sneakers, tennis shoes, boots, heels. We want them all.

4. Paired with Orange

We'll admit it. We were hesitant at first. Orange and purple are two bold colors. Who knew they made such a beautiful match together? We have ALL the heart eyes for this delicious pair.

5. As a Bag

The easiest way to pop some color into your outfit is to add a statement accessory. A purple handbag might be just what you need to add that perfect final touch this fall.

6. With MORE Purple

Purple on purple on purple. We didn't know this was a thing, but it is, and we could not be more excited about it! Apparently, the only thing that goes better with purple is more purple.

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