My Four Favorite Things about Working Retail

Let me be honest, I never dreamed of working retail as a career. Like a lot of people, at 19 I needed a job just to try to get by while I figured out what my long-term career goals were. Nearly 20 years later, I can say working retail has been an amazing part of my life and a source of tremendous personal and professional growth. Here are my four favorite things about working retail.

1. You Can Have Fun at Work!

I’ve had a lot of jobs: installing satellites, unloading trailers, even throwing hay bales and shoveling horse manure! Needless to say, none of them were super enjoyable. However, working retail has proven to be a ton of fun over the years. We’ve had cookouts, fun contests, and parties. I’ve dressed up like a flapper, a leprechaun, and batman in a tutu! You can regularly hear the sound of laughter coming from both our full team and manager meetings. Who knew you could have so much fun at work!