Here's what you need for your Midwest Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is something most of us lack motivation for; but, once it’s done, it feels incredible. A clean house is a happy house! It benefits the entire household when we rid our homes of dust, clutter, and unused junk and replace gross or expired items. It’s a great idea to plan ahead and save your spring cleaning for a day when you have some time on your hands, that way you can knock your projects out all at once.

To get yourself motivated, try turning on a fun playlist and having all of your supplies out and ready to go. Organization and preparation are key. Speaking of which, here’s a free, downloadable checklist template to help equip you for an efficient day of spring cleaning!

This season is a great time to toss out clothing and shoes, furniture, rugs, expired food and medication, and the rest of your old “junk”. Give your home what it needs and reap the reward of waking up in your clutter-free space! An easy way to start this particular project is to get out one large trash bag for each household member. Go into each member’s bedroom, load the bags up with unwanted items, and place them in a pile to donate. Here are examples of some local shelters and thrift stores that accept donations and may even pick up the donations from your home!

  1. Salvation Army (KC Metro)

  2. Hillcrest Transitional Housing (East Kansas City)

  3. City Union Mission (Downtown Kansas City)

  4. Goodwill (KC Metro)

  5. City Thrift (KC Metro)

All-natural cleaning supplies from Cargo Largo

Last but not least, make sure to pay attention to the ingredients in your cleaning products. All-natural cleaning products are easy to get, and assist in keeping your home free of harsh chemicals. Here are two articles that list some of the best all-natural cleaning products, according to the experts:

  1. 8 Best Natural Cleaning Products

  2. 11 Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products For The Conscious Home

If you're in the market, Cargo Largo is a great place to pick up all-natural cleaning products that cost significantly less than other retailers! We regularly stock our shelves with brands you love, at the best prices. PLUS, you can get anything that fits inside a Cargo Largo Tote Bag for 25% off* on Tote Bag Day!

After the job is done, don’t forget about the best part! Treat yourself to something sweet and spend some time relaxing in your freshly pampered home. You deserve it!

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