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Web Sale

We commonly sell audio, video, computer, communications equipment, components and supplies in this weekly bid sale environment.


We also have a monthly sale of higher-end electronic products that we conduct via our website. If you are already a registered buyer you may submit your bids by individual lot via email. If you are not a currently registered buyer, please contact the Tech Sales department by clicking on the “Contact Sales” button located on this page.

You may also look at the results of the previous month’s sale by clicking on the “Previous Item” button located on this page.


ALL BIDS FOR THE CURRENT SALE ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY, July 13th 2017. As we locate products to sell, we will place them below with descriptions and photographs. We will continue to add product to this list throughout the month up until the last week before the bids are due. Please check back often to see the new items listed. The bids are for each individual item - some are in multiple quantities. Some of these items are under warranty and some are not; so please look over each item completely before submitting a bid.

Note: All items are sold at our discretion and are subject to be withdrawn. Also, we do require payment in advance and we will add shipping charges to each invoice unless picking up locally.

Note that we now have a bid submission form in place for your convenience. Simply click on the Item Description page and select the "Bid Now" button to begin. Each time you select "Submit" button you will be adding that item to your form. When you are done bidding select the "Submit Bids" button and you are done! 

You will receive a confirmation email so please double check it to verify your submission. 

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