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Cargo Largo’s culture is best described by two of our core dimensions: Positivity and Teamwork. These are not just words. They are integrated into everything we do. 


Positivity is the first dimension intentionally.  We encourage and reward associates who bring positive energy. We hire and retain people who consistently “see the glass as at least half full”. One-fourth of the peer-to-peer shout outs in our weekly, associate-driven Good News Report are about folks bringing positive energy to their peers. Associate Positivity Culture Task Forces at each location take pride in continuously improving our culture. 


Here are just a few of the many positivity comments in our recent satisfaction survey…

  • “The people have a great attitude.”

  • “My favorite part is the infectious attitude.”

  • “Love the people I work with and that everyone is so nice.”

  • “The employees are amazing people to work with.”


Teamwork is our second dimension. You won’t hear “not my job” at Cargo Largo.  We actively cross-train, and people willingly jump in to help peers. One-half of the peer-to-peer shout outs in our Good News Report are about folks going the extra mile to help each other. The Team Champion award is the most cherished in the company’s frequently utilized recognition program. 


 Here are just a few of the many teamwork comments in our recent satisfaction survey…

  •  “Associates are willing to go the extra mile whether their job or not.”

  •  “Teamwork is what I like most.  Everyone is willing to lend a hand to someone in need.”

  •  “Like the people the most. The team relationships here make it more than just a job.”

  •  “Everyone’s willingness to help makes the environment much better.”


The responses to two of the questions in our recent associate satisfaction survey portray the regard for our culture…

  • 94% are GLAD to be working at Cargo Largo;

  • 88% believe their manager CARES, LISTENS, and SINCERELY INTERACTS OFTEN with them; and

  • 91% agree we have a GOOD WORK ENVIRONMENT.


Our associates have helped us build something special, but we’re not done yet.  We continuously work to make the culture even better.  You’re invited to come see for yourself.

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