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Success Stories

Abe C.jpg

Senior Sales Floor Associate


Abe joined the team in June of 2019 as a Cashier. In just one month, he transitioned to Housewares Associate after showing his excellent work ethic and eagerness to help out in other departments. Later, Abe received his Forklift Certification and began unloading trailers and assisting in Electronics and Hardware, proving his ability to excel through various challenges. In March of 2024, he was promoted to Senior Sales Floor Associate, where he continues to grow professionally. His favorite part about working at Cargo Largo is the team/family environment, “Everyone helps each other out. It’s about all of us working together.” Abe is an amazing example of teamwork, and practices what he preaches. We’re ecstatic to have him with us, and look forward to see how far he goes!

Brandon P.jpg

Product Manager


Brandon joined the Cargo Largo team in June of 2019 as an Internet Lister. He proved to be reliable, hardworking, and a leader amongst his peers. In spring of 2023, Brandon was promoted to Team Lead. That next fall, he was asked to begin training to become a manager. In April of 2024, Brandon completed his training and was officially promoted to Product Manager. He is well-loved by his team, and has stepped into this new role with ease. His favorite part about Cargo Largo is the ever-changing product that calls for strategizing and problem-solving in a fun way! The sky’s the limit for Brandon, and we love having him as part of our team!


Business Analyst


Hector started at Cargo Largo in April of 2022 as a computer technician. It became apparent quickly that he had tremendous upside and could do much more than expected. With his fast learning, his educational background, and his previous 10 years of experience, he quickly began taking on more responsibility, including starting to learn CGL, Cargo Largo's inhouse software system. In January of 2024, we made it official and he was promoted to Business Analyst so he could continue to learn and grow his skillset. Hector is decisive in his prioritization and action, ensuring things are running smoothly as quick as possible, which is a vital trait when the business is counting on you. He is a valued member of the team, and we are excited to see what’s next for him! 




Alesia started working for Cargo Largo in November of 2020 as a Sales Floor Associate in Housewares. After a few short months, she proved herself ready for additional responsibilities and began assisting cashiers, facing aisles, and helping the Front-end with go-backs. In May of 2022, Alesia was promoted to Merchandiser, due to her continued dedication, quick learning, and high quality performance. Her favorite part about working for Cargo Largo is interacting with customers, her amazing teammates, and getting to use her creativity while displaying and stocking product.


Manager of Data Entry


David joined Cargo largo in November, 2015. He became a Process Lead soon after. He continued to take on new tasks and learn new roles; and, through David's tenacity, reliability, and hard work, he was promoted to Manager of Data Entry in October of 2021. He loves that Cargo Largo cares about its people, and believes that if you stay focused and patient, good things will come!


Vice President


John was hired on at Cargo Largo in 2004 as part of the Loss Prevention Team. In 2005, he transitioned to the Sales Team, and was promoted to Customer Service Manager shortly after. From 2007 to 2012, John held several leadership positions, including Retail Manager of Electronics and Hardware and Retail Operations Manager. In 2012, he joined the Executive Team as Director of Retail Operations. Since 2013, he has received additional corporate responsibilities including Marketing and Loss Prevention. In July of 2021, John was promoted to Vice President, where he continues to thrive and lead with excellence. 


Graphic Designer


Shawna has been with Cargo Largo for 15 years. She began her journey as a product photographer/eBay Lister at the Cargo Largo Processing Center. After completing her degree, and sharing her passion for creative design, she was promoted to Graphic Designer for the marketing team in 2013. She continues to contribute her creative flare in that role today.


Senior Manager


Lorna's Cargo Largo adventure started in 2011 as a Product Evaluator in the Electronics Pricing Department of the Processing Center. In 2014, she was promoted to the Process Leader of the Electronics Pricing Department, where she continued to grow her leadership skills with the support of the management team. Due to hard work, dedication, and internal leadership training, Lorna was given the opportunity to advance to Manager in 2016.  In 2021, Lorna was promoted to Senior Manger where she currently continues to grow and learn.




Matt began in July of 2012, as a Supervisor of Electronics in the Product Management department at our Processing Center. In 2014, he was promoted to Manager of Product Management. In 2016, Matt was promoted to Director of Product Management, which included overseeing Commercial Sales, Internet Shipping & Support, and the Bid Sale. Finally, in January of 2021, Matt was promoted to President. Throughout the years, Matt has shown his inquisitive and analytical strengths, his desire to improve and grow on a daily basis, and his willingness to learn from failure. He is a shining example of how you can achieve success at Cargo Largo!


Vice President


Ronica started in September of 2006 as a Pricer in the Health & Beauty Department, and was moved to the Clothing Department the following November. In 2010 she advanced to Retail Stocking Supervisor, followed by a promotion to Retail Manager of Food and Housewares in 2012. After flourishing in retail for many years, Ronica moved to the process side of the business as the Evaluation Manager in 2013. She remained in that position until 2014, when she was promoted to a Processing Center Manager. In October of 2017, Ronica was promoted to Director, leading one of the company's largest divisions. Finally, in July of 2021, Ronica was promoted to Vice President, where she continues to excel today. 




Anastasia began at Cargo Largo in July, 2021 as a Cashier. From the get-go, she showed focus, drive, and organizational skills, and was asked to start supporting Customer Service and Cashiers with re-stocking product. In August of 2022, Anastasia was promoted to Merchandiser, and continues to play a pivotal role on the team. She loves the employee discount, flexible hours, and great pay that Cargo Largo provides, and we love having her as part of the family!


Senior Cashier


Tyra came on in November of 2009 as a part time Cashier. During that time, she helped out in other positions like Customer Service, Cash Office, and Cashier Support. In June of 2020, Tyra was promoted to full time Senior Cashier, due to her versatility, initiative, and leadership skills. She sets a great example of positivity and has earned respect from her peers and leadership. Way to go, Tyra! 




Alex started at Cargo Largo in October of 2020 as a Cashier. In November of 2021, she began taking on the responsibility of Cashier Support, and showed her awesome leadership skills. In May of 2022, Alex was promoted to Merchandiser, thanks to her efficiency and ability to stay on task. She enjoys the people she gets to work with and the flexible scheduling. She has shown determination and dedication at Cargo Largo. Keep up the good work, Alex!

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