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Cargo Largo is DIFFERENT.

Here’s what our associates have to say. Actual, frequent quotes from recent company-wide, anonymous survey.


Company overall

"Company as a whole is an amazing place to be employed!"

Benefits are good

"Benefit package (health, retirement...) is generous and geared to employees."

Caring company

"Actually cares about its employees.  Hands down, best place I've ever worked."

Caring co-workers

"Very good-hearted people work here.  People care about each other."

Caring manager

"One of few places management cares about you as a person - not just an employee."


"Active, never a dull moment."

Employee discount

"Chance to purchase great product at a reasonable cost."


"Truly own what I do, we do.  I can make an impact here."


98% agree they know what is expected of them.


"Manager always make sure the team operates as equally and fairly as possible." 


 "Family-oriented business - makes a huge difference.  Not just a number." 

Friendly co-workers

"The people are amazing.  Everyone is friendly."


"Co-workers get the job done, but still have fun while doing it."

Growth opportunities

"It's a great environment that encourages and rewards growth."

Hands-on managers

"Like that the managers are present on the floor."

Open to ideas

"Always open to new ideas and trying new things."


Made substantial, widespread pay increases in both April and September 2021.


"Positivity is a huge part of the culture here, and overall work atmosphere is great."


"Given a lot of flexibility with my schedule."

Small company feel

"Successful mid-sized company that still has a small company, family vibe."


"All the employees and managers work together wonderfully!"

Value you

"Beyond thankful to work for company that values every employee."

Variety of product

"The product keeps things interesting - different things daily."

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