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Cargo Largo Prospective Clients

Value-Added Services

The Company provides clients substantially more services than the comparatively simple liquidation model. We are the largest full-service provider to less-than-trailer load (LTL) and package freight carriers. As an outsourced manager of undeliverable shipments to one carrier alone, RMC employs over 40 people, from which it earns fees and buys products to resell. Our Associates receive, evaluate, select best venue, price and merchandise each item - and do this for over 1,000,000 unique SKUs each year. Clients rely on our ability to handle vast, unpredictable inventory in a manner that protects their interests while creating the most value.

Sales Channels

In its quest to optimize product value, the Company has built an unparalleled array of sales channels. It receives outstanding ratings form customers across all venues and channel partners eBay and Amazon. The Retail Store, Internet venues, Bid Sale and additional channels all have industry-leading expertise enabling us to sell varied products to a wide diversity of markets.


Dave Myers, Vice President

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